Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Salon Scissors & Surgical Equipment in Johannesburg South Africa

Surgical Instruments

surgical instruments are a specially prepared tools or devices for using in a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue or for accessing for viewing it. Over time, many different types of surgical instruments and tools have been invented. Some surgical instruments are made for general use in surgery, while others are designed for a specific procedure or surgery. Accordingly, the nomenclature of surgical instruments follows certain patterns, such as a description of the action it performs (for example, scalpel The expression surgical instrumentation is somewhat interchangeably used with surgical instruments, but its meaning in medical jargon is really the activity of providing assistance to a surgeon with the proper handling of surgical instruments during an operation, by a specialized professional, usually a surgical skilled person.

Surgical instruments are tools or devices that perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, or suturing. Most surgical instruments are made from stainless steel. Other metals, such as titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum, are also used.

Scissors are an example of cutting instruments. Dissecting instruments are used to cut or separate tissue. Dissectors may be sharp or blunt. One example of a sharp dissector is a scalpel. Examples of blunt dissectors include the back of a knife handle, curettes, and elevators. Clamps, tenacula, and forceps are grasping and holding instruments. Probing instruments are used to enter natural openings, such as the common bile duct, or fistulas. Dilating instruments expand the size of an opening, such as the urethra or cervical os. Retractors assist in the visualization of the operative field while preventing trauma to other tissues. Suction devices remove blood and other fluids from a surgical or dental operative field.

Dental Instruments

Dentists use a various number of approaches to disinfect dental equipment. To guarantee patients appropriate medical care, dental instruments should be cleaned and sterilized by strategies and tactics that kill microbes that trigger illnesses.

New researches and technological advancements have resulted in a lot of valuable devices and equipment to sterilize and disinfect dental instruments. There are numerous disinfectant sprays that could be sprayed on instruments to kill illness causing viruses. These disinfectants may be applied to counters, chairs, as well as other huge dental instruments. These way dentists can make sure that the clinical environment is secure and equipment is totally decontaminated for re-use.

Dental instruments and equipment represent a significant financial investment, and most practitioners cannot afford the expense of costly repairs and replacements. Dental instruments, and especially handpieces, are intricately designed with sensitive inner workings, which are difficult and time consuming to replace, but are also easily damaged by age and frequent use. Faulty equipment has the potential to cause injury both physically and biologically, so your patient’s health is very much at risk if strict maintenance protocols are not adhered to. It goes without saying, that prevention is better than cure with regards to surgery equipment.

Veterinary Instruments

Veterinarians are the doctor specializing in the health of animals. They do the necessary surgical operations and care for the well-being of the animal creatures. The very basic thing they need in a certain operation and care is the veterinary instruments. This will serve as the main allay of every veterinarian in providing care. Here are the lists of the basic instruments being used by veterinarians.

Surgical Instruments offers a wide range of veterinary specialty products that are unique to the Veterinary Practice.

Unique manufacturing experience makes our company Surgical Instruments the ideal base for rapid development of high quality superior veterinary equipment.

Gynecology Instruments

We are the Best manufacturers in South Africa of a full range of single use and multiple use products for gynecology /obstetrics and assisted fertilization. All products are designed internally and the manufacturing process involves highly experienced collaborators and suppliers in the manufacturing of medical products.

Beauty Instruments

We are best manufacturers and Suppliers of pedicure and manicure equipment to Beauty salons, Aesthetic Clinics, Aesthetic Hospitals, Aesthetic Practitioners and Doctors etc.

We are based in Johannesburg South  Africa having factory in Sialkot Pakistan.

ENT Instruments

There are so many ENT INSTRUMENTS which we manufacturer and that are used for ENT Surgeons and Doctors such as Xylocaine spray, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lack Tongue Depressor, Catheter Clamp, Thudicums Nasal Speculum, Fibreoptic Flexible Nasendoscope, Tongue Depressor, St Clair Thompson Adenoid Curette, Merocel Nasal Pack, Yanker Sucker, Boyle-Davis Gag, Theatre Drape Clip, Staple Remover, Draffin Rods, Mollison Pillar Retractor, Eve Tonsil Snare, Jobson Horn Probe, Daughty tongue blade, Gywnne Evans Dissector, Curved Scissors, Negus Pusher, Curved Negus Tonsil Artery Forceps, Tilley Nasal Dressing Forceps, Trousseau Tracheal dilating forceps, Birkett Forceps, Gruber Aural Speculum, Bipolar forceps.

Manicure Instruments

A lot of highly well groomed and polished looking people tend to ignore the importance of well groomed hands and feet. They can be dressed to kill and look perfectly groomed, but the state of their hands and feet will easily give away their secret that their grooming is just not good enough.

Manicure tool kits will help you keep your hands and nails clean and well groomed.

The large part of traditional craftsmanship in the production is supported by state of the art precision tools. Now that it is clear why you should have a manicure & pedicure tool kit, it is also good to remember that these tools need to be bought from a professional manufacturer such as Surgical Instruments.

Hollowware Products

Our compay Surgical Instruments offer high quality drum, tray, basin, formalin chamber and bed pan crafted heavy gauge stainless steel. The unique design and smooth corners facilitates easy cleaning or sterilization. These products provide great convenience for multiple uses. Our range of Drum, Tray, Basin, Formalin Chamber and Bed Pan can be availed in different specifications as per the requirements of the customers. Our famour range is SEAMLESS DRESSING DRUM


Tungsten Instruments

Tungsten Carbide adds several advantages to your instrument, whether there is a need for a hard and durable sharpness or you are looking for a long-lasting cost effective instrument. This special alloy hold the sharpness of the instrument several times longer compared to conventional instruments.

we are one of the few manufacturers who solder in tungsten carbide plates in our in-house vacuum oven instead of welding them in.  Scissors with soldered in tungsten carbide inlays are far harder than those with welded-in inlays and thus have a greater life-span.

Orthopedic Instruments

Orthopedic instruments consist of caring and treating bones which are part of the body and which become injured. The medical specialist such as orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon is providing services to their patient through surgery.

There are a variety of orthopedic instruments which are used by surgeons when caring for their patients. These instruments include forceps, knives, bone chisels and drills as these are the best for working with bones. Orthopedics consists of caring and treating bones which are part of the body and which become injured. Most orthopedic medicine focuses on arms and legs since these as the two most common places where people get injured. Orthopedic surgery does not only make use of orthopedic instruments there are some general instruments which are used as well such as scalpels and retractors.

Our famous range is Maltes, Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Holding Retractors, Chisels, Bone Curettes, Elevators, Bone Pilers, Proctoscopes, Rib Spreaders, Bone Gauge

Customized Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments factory offers the Customized all type of Instruments which any Surgeon, Doctor or Medical Practitioner can imagine in the imagination. We are the one one in South Africa and Pakistan who are capable to deliver the customized instruments.

You may Contact us in South Africa at +27 78 337 5269 to buy our complete range which given below:

Artery Forceps


Applicators Spatulas


Bone Surgery




Cardiovascular Surgery

Cotton Swab Forceps

Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery


Diagonostic Intruments



Finger Protectors


Gall Bladder




Intestines Rectum



Laryngo Bronchoscopy

Lung Surgery

Napkin Holders

Needle Holders




Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery














Suction Tubes






Trachea Trocars






Amalgam Carriers

Amalgam Carvers

Amalgame Pistolen


Aspira Plus Water Syringe

Awls and Suction Instruments

Bone Curettes

Bone Cutting and Bone Holding Forceps

Bone Files

Bone Rongeurs

Burnisher and Nerve Instruments

Cavity Preparation Instruments

Cement Spatulas

Chip Blower

Chisels and Gouges

Composite Instruments Freiburg Pattern

Conservative Dentistry

Cotton and Dressing Pliers

Crown Instruments

Crown Instruments Removing Pliers

Crown Removers

Dental Cartridge Syrings


Dissecting Dressing Forceps


End and Side Nippers



Explorers Delicate Flexible Probes

Extracting Forceps

Extracting Forceps American pattern

Extracting Forceps English pattern

Extraction Forceps


Filling Instrument


Gum Scissors

Haemostatic Forceps

Holloware and Lab Tools

Impression Trays

Impression Trays Gauge And Calipers

Impressions Trays Wax

Instruments for Removel of Roots

Instruments for Root Fragments

Jaw Instruments

Matrices Matrix Retainers

Matrix Retainers

Micro Scalpels

Mouth Gags Retractors

Mouth Mirrors

Mouth Mirrors Handles

Mouth Tounge

Mucotome Tongue and Plasters Spatulas

Needle Holder

Needle Holders and Needle cases

Orthodontic Pliers

Orthodontics Instrument

Osteotomes and Mallets

Periodontal Instruments and Files

Periodontia Instruments


Plastic Filling Instruments

Pliers and Cutters

Pliers for Orthodontics and Prosthetics

Pliers for Technic Orthodontics

Probes Applicators


Raspatories Files Chisel

Reposition Forceps


Ring Remover Forceps

Root Elevators

Root Splinter Forceps

Rubber Dam Clamps

Rubber Dam Instruments

Scalers Curettes

Scalpel Handles

Scalpel Gum Knives

Separating Forceps Band Seater

Skin Hook and Retractors

Soldring Tweezer

Spatulas for Plaster

Sponge and Dressing Forceps

Stainless Steel

Surgical and Gum Scissors

Surgical Scissors

Surgical Bandage Scissors


Tissue Pliers

Tooth Forceps for Children

Tooth Tweezers

Towel Clamps

Trocars Suction Tubes

Wax and Modeling Carvers

Wax Knives

Waxing Instruments

Wire Bending Pliers and Wire Cutters

Bull Nose

Castration Forceps


Dehorning Instruments

Equine Instruments

Ear Instruments


Hoof Knives

Abstic Instruments


Needle Holder



General Surgery


Eye Instruments


Small Animal

Large Animal



Biopsy Punches

Cervical Dilators and Sounds

Coated Hooks and Forceps

Coated Speculum




Other Coated Instruments

Rotating Biopsy Punches



Speculum Sizing Chart

Uncoated Curettes and Hooks

Uncoated Endocervical

Uncoated Speculum

Uncoated Wall Retractor


Barber 440c and Supercut Scissors

Barber Scissor

Beauty Care Kits

Beauty Kits

Blister Packing Instruments

Cobalt Strip Scissors

Cutical and Nail Nipper

Cuticle (Ear Nose) Scissors

Cuticle Nail Nippers

Embroidery Scissors

Eye Brow Tweezers

Eyebrow Tweezer

Files Scapers and Corn Cutters

Haircutting Scissor

House Hold and Tailor Scissors

Household Scissor



Left Handed Scissors

Micro Serrated Scissors

Nail Cutters

Nail Files and Shaving Razors

Nail Pushers

Nail Nipper

Nail Pedicure Cutters

Nail Pusher

Nail Scissor

Nail Skin Files

Pet Grooming Shear

Professional Thinning Scissors

Right Handed Scissors

Skin Corn Cutters

Thining Scissors

Titanium Coated Razor Edge


Utility Scissors

Chisels Osteotomes

Curettes Loops

Decannulation Stoppers




Laryngeal Mirrors


Mouth Gags


Rasps Saws

Retractors Speculums





Tonsil Snares

Trachea Tubes

Tracheal Dilators

Tuning Forks

Cuticle Pushers and Cutters

Manicure Instruments

Manicure Nippers

Manicure Scissors

Manicure Sets

Nail Clippers

Pincher Tools

Hollowere Products

Hollowere Tray

Dissecting Forceps With 

Tungsten Carbide Tips

Needle Holders With Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Scissors With Tungsten Carbide Tips

Bone Cutting Forceps

Bone Holding Forceps

Bone Reduction Forceps

Bone Saws

Cast Cutting Spreading




Osteotomes Chisels

Pin Cutters


Rasps Files



Wire Cutting Scissors

Wire Twisters


Rib Shears

Rib Spreaders

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